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“Londonism has become a self-reinforcing ideology that will probably outlive both men’s careers (Johnson and Livingston). The more open and multifarious the city becomes, the more it attracts people who want it to stay that way. “London”, says Tony Travers of the London School of Economics, “increasingly defines itself by having moved a step farther along the path of cosmopolitanism than anywhere else on the planet.” The most interesting aspect of the city’s bid for the 2012 Olympics was not its victory but the nature of its campaign, which sold London as the ultimate global city rather than a British one.

Although many major cities aspire to growth and globalism, London has an easier time achieving both than its western rivals. Its location is an obvious advantage over New York. Europe is on its doorstep; Beijing is not that much farther away than Wall Street; time differences allow London to do business with both in the same day. Then there is its own geography: it is easier for diverse lifestyles to co-exist in a sprawling city of distinct villages than in a relatively concentrated metropolis such as either New York or Paris. The latter is also hamstrung by its beauty; daring new developments have a tougher time getting approved than in hotch-potch London.”

The Economist 3-02-11


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