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The 8 best minutes of the Whole Classical Music History

In Uncategorized on May 2, 2011 at 11:48 am

I know …I should not put too much Classical or Jazz on my blog …. It is like documentaries on public tv channels, you don’t get any audience ( boring, old,  elitist). However, I can objectively assert that this piece is not just “classical music”. This is literally, a moment of exhaltation for anyone who appreciates excellency, perfection and harmony in general. Moreover, it is my blog and you may not like everything I put ( By the way, I am really opened to any critic , comment or feedback if they are constructive.  I’d love to improve this gallery) but this moment of the Concerto for Violon and Orchestra from Tchaikovsky is part of my history ( being a violonist for 7 years )  and I have been listened to it since I am … cannot remember. The fact is that, I may have listened to this track a thousand of times, everytime I listen to it I get thrilled like it’s the first time I hear violin. Not only that Tchaikovsky is a pure genius but Perlman, the violonist, and Mehta,  the conducter, ( cfr. the trout article for the followers) is one of the most successful association that classical music has ever experienced and this is completely felt through the concerto.

If you cannot be bothered to listen to this “old people music” you don’t have to . But please … Be Curious and watch 4’45” and from 7’25” to 9’20” (the end) you won’t loose anything, just get some general culture. As far as I am concerned, when I am a bit down ( yea it happens ) I listen to this and it gives me the strength, the energy and the courage to climb mountains. It makes me realize that I have so much to learn and that we need to work hard to get what we want. I do not try to make any philosophical conclusion here but I hope these 2 minutes ( or more for the good ones)  will inspire you as it did for me .

Thank you for reading.

  1. J’aime beaucoup ton blog, Julia! Je ne savais pas que tu jouais du violon… Si tu recherches un violoncelliste, on pourrait jouer ensemble un de ces quatre! 😉

    • Mais attends Aymen, on s’etait pas rencontre au cours de madame Blanc a l’academie ? J’ai arrete le violon pcq je faisais beaucoup de theatre a l’epoque et puis j’ai commence le piano , mais je viendrais avec plaisir te voir a un recital 😉

  2. Hey,

    Very nice! If you have not watched the movie called “the concert” you should definitely watch it as it pays a very nice tribute to Tchaikovsky violin’s concerto. I agree with you it gives you the pump!

    • I did watch it, I thought Melanie Laurent was a total disaster while all the unknown actors were amazing. It was good to have a movie especially on that concerto (quite audacious) . Moreover, I am great fan of Radu Mihaileanu, he did “live and become” some years before, And that is one of the best movie of the decade. It was waw!

  3. Keith Jarret – Köln Concert
    Tu connais peut-être déjà..
    Je m’en lasserai jamais 🙂

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