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Entrance Romance

In Uncategorized on August 5, 2011 at 10:11 am

I discovered Ryan McGinley through a friend at the Rodolphe Janssen gallery in Brussels earlier this year. I literally had a crush on his photo exhibition I know where the summer goes (see previous articles). Recently, I discovered that one of the best friends of my sister has been photographed by him and once again I fall in love with her pictures. In recent years, Ryan McGinley’s photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums. He had solo shows at MoMA in New York (2004), in Spain at the MUSAC in Leon (2005), and is featured in public collections in the Guggenheim Museum, New York; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and the The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Through time, he rightly gained more and more success, was awarded with prices and became an artist in high demand. He thus expanded his visual scope from photography into film; with a first short movie last year for fashion house Pringle of Scotland starring Tilda Swinton.

In June he teamed up with the model Carolyn Murphy (Estee Lauder) and Tom Ford to produce a short film Entrance Romance for the LVMH-branded website Nowness. The movie features Murphy indulging in some seriously heavy petting with a dog, whilst being intermittently bombarded with glass bottles before a bowl full of goldfish is launched towards her head. The movie is filmed with a Phantom Camera– capable of capturing video at over 1000 frames per second. The article on Nowness also reminds us the importance makeup artist James Kaliardos, whose previous clients include Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Nicole Kidman. The concept in itself is not especially original, since a lot of photographers and artists tried before the effect “throwing something/shoot the image” – a good example would be Meg Wachter. However, not only that Murphy is stunning and very beautiful to look at but I find that her face expressions are surprisingly calm and serene while you know that a bowl full of goldfish is hurtling towards her. To finish, I would like to say that I am a great fan of “engaged-art” but I do not believe that a piece of art always has to be about and claim something. Theophile Gaulier (1811-1972) already argued for art for art’s sake. In this short movie Carolyn Murphy is making out with a wet dog, and has a few glass objects thrown against her head. What does that mean? I do not know. I don’t really care either. But does it really matter? I do not think so. Cause I simply loved it.


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