Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Charles Saatchi

In Uncategorized on October 13, 2011 at 10:38 pm

My daughter of 6 wants to know if I believe in God. I don’t; but don’t want to rupture her innocence. What would you say

Innocence is overrated

What’s the best thing about Britain ?

It isn’t France. And although London is far from perfection, I love it.

My husband is hypochondriac, not in itself unforgivable, but he has now become a financial burden as our private doctor’s bills are mounting exponentially. A cure please ?


                          I am always scared of saying something stupid about a painting, that comes completely out of left-field and has not one iota of relevance to what the artist has intended or bears any reference in an art historical context. Do you have a clever-sounding one-liner that I could use ?

 “ Very interesting use of perspective” It applies to anything, believe me.


Selfridges or Harrods ? Love Selfridges. Hate Harrods

What is your guiltiest pleasure ?

If it’s a pleasure, where does guilt enter into it?

The contemporary art world is perceived as being very elitist and exclusive. What kind of an advertising campaign could you create in order to amend this conception so that it is a more accessible to people ?

The best advertising campaign would be a large museum filled with the latest contemporary art, some of which is controversial, all of which is interesting, centrally located in the Kings Road London, in a beautiful, airy building with vast and perfectly lit rooms, and allow the public in free of charge.

Do you belive in abortion ?

There are number of people I have come across whom I feel would have benefited from this drastic, but understandable in the circumstances, precaution.

Do you send your children to posh schools ?

One of our children’s first school was so posh, that when a teacher asked the class “ who is Mohamed?” a small boy stuck up his hand and quietly answered “ our chauffeur”.

Vienna or St Tropez ? Both Creepy.

Do you feel that the glass is half-full or half-empty ?

Either way, drink it and fill it up again.



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