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Is this the world we live in ?

In Uncategorized on October 24, 2011 at 12:43 am

 I truly felt disgusted by the images of Qaddafi’s death.

Although I deeply hated him as a leader, the scene of his death made me feel uncomfortable. It made me think about the way these kind of extraordinary events are delivered in the press. Every day it is another of scene of horror and death. It hasn’t always been like that: once upon a time, a dead body on our screen was considered as scandalous and outrageous. Today, people seem to demand real images of dead figures to feed an apparent morbid desire to ensure they are indeed dead. I truly think that the US government fooled the whole world when they came up with this “We threw Ben laden’s body in the sea” but come on isn’t there a right balance between a complete lie and such a video ? Having watched it three times I wondered why every TV channel showed it: do they find it acceptable ? It’s like they justify these horrible images of dead by explaining that people now need proof to believe in what authorities tell them. On the other hand,  it is true that the images would have been used anyways because it was a momentous event in world history.

I could maybe understand the opinion of the Libyan population who has been oppressed under Qaddafi’s bloody regime for 42 years, but what about the rest of the world ? As far as I am concerned, I never asked to see such a scene, and yet these images have been on the cover of every single English newspaper and have been flashed up on my computer screens at any time of day or night. As I am spending some time with kids, I can ensure that brutal and violent images such as Qaddafi’s last moment do affect them; no matter how horrific his past was. I don’t believe we should allow the broadcast of such horrendous scenes, not only that is absolutely disgusting but it’s also unnecessary.

Seeing Gaddafi being insulted and beaten before getting a bullet in his head does not add anything to the story and especially does not help Libya to become a new democracy. If these are the people we will have to deal with in the future, I am not sure I should be so enthusiastic about it ( although it can hardly be worst than under Qaddafi). Is that the way we pictured Qaddafi’s last moments ? How can the International Community (despite its request for the opening of an investigation) support such a fall ? Maybe the International Criminal Court of Justice might have been useful ? Can’t we respect at least his death ? We don’t need to witness such images, and children don’t need to witness it; especially when we did not ask for it!

We are living in a society that provides a culture of violence and encourages people to demand, to expect and to see always more. Tolerance for gruesome images is clearly going up because of internet and when newspapers deliver them by publication, people are not scandalized anymore; there is simply no indignation. Was there an alternative to showing these pictures ? I believe it is wrong to show such images on a regular basis, I believe there are alternative to talk about the death of an important person and media (TV and newspaper) should maybe start consider this option before exposing us all to such images which will inevitably scar us all.

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