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Noble Belgique, à jamais terre chérie

In Uncategorized on January 14, 2012 at 10:23 am

Letters from The Economist in response of the article ” Belgian beer:  Brewed force ”  from December 17th.

SIR- Your otherwise enjoyable article was marred by irrelevant swipes at Belgium. You stated that Belgium is an “unremarkable country that has made little impact on the world”. Yet Belgium launched the revolution that led to Dutch independence, brought the industrial revolution to the European continent and prevented a German victory in the first world war by delaying the German advance into France, at great cost to Belgians.

Belgium has a tradition of tolerance appreciated by refugees from Erasmus to Hugo to Marx. The first plastics came from Belgium, as did modern cosmology. And don’t forget Tintin and the Smurfs. Remarkable indeed, for a tiny country that has existed independently for only 150 years and serve as the capital of the union that has given Europe the longest period of peace and prosperity in its history.

Jay Modrall, Overijse, Belgium

From all my heart, Thank you Jay!  


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